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Eves Realty Greerton Take Out Versatile Tauranga Williams Cup On Three Way Countback

Eves Realty Greerton Take Out Versatile Tauranga Williams Cup On Three Way Countback

Posted: Monday, 22 June 2020

BOPCA Season Review 2019/20

The dramatic shutdown of cricket in New Zealand resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic, saw the 2020 Versatile Tauranga Williams Cup decided off the field of play, after the two weekends of playoffs were abandoned.

When the final round of preliminary played was completed on Saturday 14 March 2029, Element IMF Cadets, Carrus Mount Maungaui and Eves Realty Greerton were locked together with 38 points apiece. Review of the conditions of play, saw Greerton trump Mount Maunganui on who beat who and surge past Cadets courtesy of a superior run rate.

Carrus Mount Maunganui, were awarded the Hart Family Trophy Baywide Champion of Champions award,  courtesy of winning the Bay of Plenty Cup and Baywide T20 and finishing second in the Williams Cup.


Williams Cup Milestones 2020

Runs: 414 Sam Kershaw (Geyser City CC) 394 Michael Mitchell (Generation Homes Lake Taupo CC) 330 Drew Brierley (Generation Homes Lake Taupo CC)

Wickets: 17 Kieran New (Bond & Co Tauranga Boys College) 15 Jono Boult (Element IMF Cadets CC) 15 Joshua Simpson (Geyser City CC)

Catches: 11 Ray How (Generation Homes Lake Taupo CC) 



143       Tim Clarke (Tauranga Boys College v Geyser City) 22 February

131no   Nick Hendrie (Greerton v Te Puke) 29 February

128       Drew Brierley (Lake Taupo v Tauranga Boys College) 8 February

127       Nick Hendrie (Greerton v Lake Taupo) 14 March

124       Drew Brierley (Lake Taupo v Central Indians) 29 February

113       Michael Mitchell (Lake Taupo v Mount Maunganui) 7 March

112       Ben Vyver (Tauranga Boys College v Central Indians) 1 February

112       Sam Kershaw (Geyser City v Central Indians) 14 March 

104       Pip Thickpenny (Greerton v Central Indians) 7 March

101no   Sam Kershaw (Geyser City v Lake Taupo) 1 February 

Hat-Tricks: 4/21 Tim Pringle (Tauranga Boys College v Central Indians) 18 January

MVP: Drew Brierley (Lake Taupo CC) 330 runs, 10 wickets, 4 catches.


The competitiveness of the 2020 Williams Cup was shown by the competition milestones spread of achievements. The most runs were posted by Baywide newcomer Geyser City master blaster Sam Kershaw with 414 runs. Bond & Co Tauranga Boys College bowler Kieran New took the most wickets with 17 bowling scalps while Lake Taupo keeper Ray How held 11 catches behind the stumps. Drew Brierley  topped the MVP list with 330 runs, 10 wickets and four catches.

A record ten centuries were blasted during the seven rounds of round robin play, with Tauranga Boys College mentor Tim Clarke belting the competitions highest score of 143. Greerton's Nick Hendrie and Drew Brierley, who led the Lake Taupo batting attack, both finished the season with two Williams Cup centuries to their name. Special mention should be accorded Nick Hendrie, who blasted a century in each of the three Baywide competitions.

Tauranga Boys spin bowler Tim Pringle, grabbed a rare as hens teeth hat-trick in his four wickets for 21 runs against Central Indians.   

The Williams Cup kicked off with an upset in the opening round, when Geyser City defeated Generation Homes Lake Taupo in a run-fest. Lake Taupo reached 225 for the loss of eight wickets, with Joshua Simpson taking four wickets for the Rotorua side. Sam Kershaw wasted little time in making a big impression in the match, in belting an unbeaten 101, as his side got home with five wickets to spare.

Twenty wickets and less than 180 runs was the decisive factors in the Tauranga Boys College verses Greerton clash at Nicholson field on the 16 February. The hosts batted first and were bowled out for what looked to be a very modest 90 runs. Tim Clarke top scored with 30, with Umesh Ranaraja and skipper Shane Wineti taking three wickets apiece.

The Greerton top score of 20, told the tale of their common and going to the wicket in quick succession as they were removed for 88. Kieran New and Tim Pringle did the damage with the ball with four wickets apiece.

Cadets went into the last round of qualifying play with a six point lead at the top of the standings, but fell at the last hurdle, when they were defeated by Mount Maunganui. Cadets batted first and were dismissed for 144 with Gurwinder Singh and Taylor Douglas both posting 38 runs. An unbeaten half century from Ben Guild took his side to victory with five wickets to spare.


Versatile Tauranga Williams Cup 2020 Results

Versatile Tauaranga Williams Cup 1 February 2020 

Carrus Mount Maunganui 204/9 (Tony Goodin 48, Matt Golding 41; Lee Watkins 5/34) lost to Eves Realty Greerton 205/3 (Bruce Kerr 61, Nick Hendrie 58, Ben Lind 52no; Daniel Smith 2/17)

Bond & Co Tauranga Boys College 225/7 (Ben Vyver 112, Tim Clarke 31; Stephen Nicholls 4/35) defeated Bayleys Central Indians 216 (Stephen Nicholls 97, Vinay Pathania 25; Kieran New 3/43)

New World Te Puke 169/9 (Tasman Carsons 39, Dillon Preston 34; Jacob Logan 3/8, Joe McCluskey 3/28, Jono Boult 3/39) lost to Element IMF Cadets 170/6 (Taylor Douglas 45; Joe McCluskie 30no; Reinhardt Kruger 4/36)

Generation Homes Lake Taupo 225/8 (Michael Mitchell 88, Ray How 76; Joshua Simpson 4/75) lost to Geyser City 226/5 (Sam Kershaw 101no, Cameron Ingram 41; Habib Malik 2/52)


Versatile Tauranga Williams Cup 8 February 2020

Carrus Mount Maunganui 184 (David March 41, Tim is Tomlinson 36, Dale Swan 25; Christian MacDonald 3/25, Reinhardt Kruger 2/18, Adam Stringer 2/37) defeated New World Te Puke 138 (Christian MacDonald 47, Dillon Preston 32, Daniel Price 30; Nick Smith 2/19, Dale Swan 2/32, Henry Conway 2/42)

Eves Realty Greerton 206/9 (Pip Thickpenny 61, Lee Watki8ns 54, Jared Tutty 34; Joshua Simpson 5/42, Joe O’Donoghue 3/57) defeated Geyser City 189 (Sam Kershaw 33, Joe O’Donoghue 33; James Boyd 3/34, Lee Watkins 2/35)

Generation Homes Lake Taupo 279/5 (Drew Brierley 128, Michael Mitchell 65; Kieran New 3/61) defeated Bond & Co Tauranga Boys College 143 (Niven Dovey 34, Kieran New 28; Drew Brierley 4/23, Habib Malik 3/34)

Element IMF Cadets 242 (Jono Boult 61, Mayura Galappaththi 56) defeated Bayleys Central Indians 172


Versatile Tauranga Williams Cup 16 February 2020

Geyser City 114 (Cody Fell 34no; Nick Smith 3/8, Mitchell Fergus 3/31, Henry Conway 2/15) lost to Carrus Mount Maunganui 116/0 (Peter Drysdale 62no, Matt Golding 50no)

Bond & Co Tauranga Boys College 90 (Tim Clarke 30, B Pentecost 25; Shane Wineti 3/9, Umesh Ranaraja 3/9, Taylor Bettelheim 3/9) defeated Eve's Realty Greerton 88 (Taylor Bettelheim 22, Tom Renouf 21no; Kieran New 4/18, Tim Pringle 4/26)

Element IMF Cadets 175 (Jono Boult 35, Andrew Mascall 28, Scott Steward 27, Fergus Lellman 22; Caleb Bates 3/21, Roger Urbhan 2/24) defeated Generation Homes Lake Taupo 66 (Trent Boult 4/19, Jono Boult 3/21)

Bayleys Central Indians 231/4 (Jeff Simmons 78no, Ben Sandford 50no, Nandeera Nawela 41, Vinay Pathania 32; Tasman Carsons 2/47) lost to New World Te Puke 232/3 (Blair McKenzie 79, Tai Bridgman- Raison 63, Dillon Preston 36no; Stephen Nicholls 2/49) 


Versatile Tauranga Williams Cup 22 February 2020 

Bond & Co Tauranga Boys College 282/4 (Tim Clarke 143no, Blake Pentecost 40, Isaac White 25no, Liam Collett 23; Dane Sorrenson 2/55) defeated Geyser City 232 (Sam Kershaw 84, Ben Astwood  56, Liam Kelly 23; Finn O'Brien-O'Loan 3/37, Tommaso Pini 2/22, Tim Clarke 2/31)

New World Te Puke 164 (Cam Riley 37; Habib Malik 4/20) v Generation Homes Lake Taupo 47/1 after 12 overs - game abandoned

Eve's Realty Greerton 67/2 v Element IMF Cadets - game abandoned

Carrus Mount Maunganui v Bayleys Central Indians - game abandoned


Versatile Tauranga Williams Cup 29 February 2020 

Bond & Co Tauranga Boys College 59 (Nick Smith 5/13, Mitchell Fergus 3/11) lost to Carrus Mount Maunganui 60/3 (Matt Golding 24no, Tim Tomlinson 23no)

Geyser City 166 (Sam Kershaw 49, Cameron Ingram 49; Jono Boult 4/19) lost to Element IMF Cadets 167/5 (Finn Dempsey 72no; Liam Kelly 3/28)

New World Te Puke 223 (Daniel Price 90, Stephen Crossan 41; Lee Watkins 3/36) lost to Eves Realty Greerton 224/2 (Nick Hendrie 131no, Pip Thickpenny 31)

Generation Homes Lake Taupo 269/4 (Drew Brierley 124, Mark Mitchell 57no, Habib Malik 33; Stephen Nicholls 2/54) defeated Bayleys Central Indians 210 (Nadeera Nawela 65, Stephen Nicholls 45; Moko Rivers 4/41)


Versatile Tauranga Williams Cup 7 March 2020 

Carrus Mount Maunganui 214/6 (Matt Golding 62, Tim Tomlinson 48: John Dolan 3/49) defeated Generation Homes Lake Taupo 200/6 (Michael Mitchell 113no, Jack Wiggins 46; Henry Conway 3/29)

Eves Realty Greerton 232/6 (Pip Thickpenny 104, Lee Watkins 82; Andrew Gibbs 2/29) defeated Bayleys Central Indians 151 (Ben Sandford 33, Nandeera Nawela 26; Shane Wineti 3/18)

New World Te Puke 230/9 (Cam Riley 61, Stephen Crossan 55, Tai Bridgman-Raison 45; Joshua Simpson 3/33) defeated Geyser City 213 (Shaquille Graham 59; Tasman Carsons 3/13, Christian MacDonald 3/42)

Element IMF Cadets 182 (Joe McCluskie 45, Jono Boult 44; Kieran New 3/13) defeated Bond& Co Tauranga Boys College 147 (Isaac White 27; Finn Dempsey 3/21, Cam O'Dea 3/49)


Versatile Tauranga Williams Cup 14 March 2020 

New World Te Puke 181/8 (Cameron Riley 39, Hamish Wilde 36no, Stephen Crossan 32; Tim Pringle 3/51, Niven Dovey 2/19) lost to Bond & Co Tauranga Boys College 184/2 (Niven Dovey 77no, Tim Clarke 49no, Charles Williams 40)

Element IMF Cadets 144 (Gurwinder Singh 38, Taylor Douglas 38; Nathan Walker 4/35) lost to Carrus Mount Maunganui 146/5 (Ben Guild 51no, Ben Pomare 26, Logan Carr 26; Michael Barbeau 2/21)

Eves Realty Greerton 314/5 (Nick Hendrie 127, Tom MacRury 96, Bruce Kerr 55; John Dolan 2/66) defeated Generation Homes Lake Taupo 147 (Mark Mitchell 54; Umesh Ranaraja 2/11, Lee Watkins 2/29, Jared Tutty 2/33)

Bayleys Central Indians 245/9 (Jeff Simmons 56, Nadeera Nawela 52, Stephen Nicholls 47, Joe O'Donoghue 3/25, Sam Kershaw 3/53) lost to Geyser City 246/5 Sam Kershaw 112, Shaquille Graham 43, Cody Fell 32; Virin Patel 2/37, Nadeera Nawela 2/37)


Points Table (Final) Greerton 38, Mount Maunganui 38, Cadets 38, Tauranga Boys College 28, Lake Taupo 20, Te Puke 19, Geyser City 12, Central Indians 4.

Hart Family Trophy Baywide Champion of Champions: Carrus Mount Maunganui

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