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There are many opportunities for coaching development in the Bay of Plenty.

Coaching Pathway

Coaching a Cricket Team Course

The Coaching a Cricket Team course (CACT) is free and is an ideal for intermediate hardball grades and softball coaches. The course offers a slightly more edgy exposure to the delivery of the game and will actively teach the coaches drills to continuously develop players skills at this level.
This course also has an online component together with the practical component. Coaches are required to attend the practical which is a hands on 3 hour session including batting, bowling and fielding skills and drills. After the practical, the online section is completed by the coach in their own time through the NZC cricket website.

New Zealand Cricket Level I Course

The Level I course carries a charge of $60.00.
There will be additional work outside of the sessions to complete.
The course requires candidates to complete a workbook, write an umpiring exam and submit to a practical test as well as conducting an observed coaching session and supplying the assessor with a plan of the coaching session.
The course is ideal for coaches who are interested in improving their coaching and targets the stages of youth development and understanding various ages.

For further information on when these coaching courses will be held please contact:

E. tai@bopcricket.co.nz
Ph. 027 8617 314

New Zealand Cricket Level II Course

The Level II course carries a charge of $150.00

This course targets expert coaches who are interested in taking on a more challenging coaching role. Coaches applying for this course need to have a good local track record and experience coaching senior club and/or junior and youth representative teams prior to involving themselves in such a course.

The course is both physically and mentally demanding and requires attendance at 8 to 10 weekend sessions. The course requires 35 hours of attendance.

The course also requires candidates to be examined and they are expected to complete both theory papers and practical tests to gain certification. In general the completion of this qualification takes a year and includes a log of 100 hours of practical coaching that is a requirement for Level II coaches.

The Level II course has undergone significant changes over the last few years. The focus on the ‘art of coaching’ is of huge benefit and is appropriate in terms of assisting coaches to develop the tools to service the needs of the individual athlete and the team.

Places on the Level II course are by invitation only.

Please register your interest by contacting:
Tai Bridgman-Raison,
Bay of Plenty Cricket Development Manager  
E: tai@bopcricket.co.nz  
Ph:  021 027 861 7314

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