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BOPCA Playing Conditions and Policy Documents

Documents and Forms for the 2023-2024 cricket season

Competition Playing Conditions

The Versatile Tauranga Williams Cup Playing Conditions 2022

Bayleys Bay of Plenty Cup Playing Conditions 

Venture Developments Baywide T20 Cup Playing Conditions 2023/2024

Mc Naughton Trophy Playing Conditions

Summary of Major changes to MCC Playing Conditions


BOPCA Senior Bylaws and Competition Regulations

All competitions administered by BOPCA will run in accordance with the Regional Senior Bylaws and Regulation Document unless otherwise stated in competition playing conditions.

Approved Cricket Balls

Please refer to section 11.5 of The Regional Senior Bylaws and Regulation Document for BOPCA approved cricket ball information.

Concussion Policy

NZC Concussion Policy

Helmet Policy and Bowling Load Guidelines

NZC Helmet Policy

Bowling Load Guidelines

Code of Conduct

Please refer to section 15 of the Northern Districts Cricket Association Senior Bylaws and Competition Regulations Document for Code of Conduct information:

BOPCA Code of Conduct Judicial Submission Report Form

A Commissioner is appointed by the BOPCA Board to investigate any reported Code of conduct breaches.

All code of conduct decisions made by the BOPCA Judicial Commissioner or Competition Manager are Final. There is NO right of appeal for any Code of Conduct decisions.

Match Postponement Policy

Bay of Plenty Cricket Association expects all scheduled Baywide games to take place as scheduled.
In circumstances where other higher cricket commitments or extreme reasons occur, the team may apply for to Bay of Plenty Cricket to have the game postponed.

Prior to applying the requesting team must arrange and confirm a new fixture date with the opposition.

This date must be within the competition timeframe and before semi-finals if relevant.
The opponents must not unnecessarily hinder the rescheduling of the match.

If the game cannot be rescheduled for legitimate reasons then win points go to the opposition. 

Guidelines for Cover Cricket Wickets

Covering cricket blocks can be vital in ensuring that pitches are kept in good condition for play, but can also have the potential to ruin the grass cover on the block for the remainder of the season. When used incorrectly, they can have such an adverse effect that there is nothing the groundsman can do will produce good quality pitches.
The following guidelines are for those who place covers onto their club blocks and should be adhered to. Communication with the groundsman at the venue is vital as they will know where in the preparation process the pitch is currently at and will be able to advise best on a day to day basis as to the best use of those covers during the preparation.

  1. As per BOP Cricket playing conditions, pitches must be covered from Thursday evening.
  2. If Friday is a fine day, then covers need to be removed off the ground by 9am at the latest. If the groundsman requires them to be taken off earlier, then this must occur.
  3. If it is likely to be showery on the Friday, then discussion needs to be held between the groundsman and the club as to the most appropriate method of allowing the groundsman to prepare the pitches without leaving them open to the rain. **
  4. If a game is called off due to the weather during a match, the covers must be removed to allow the grass to recover (unless there is a match scheduled for the next day).
  5. Covers must not be left out on the side of the field overnight or for the next week as this will kill the grass where it is left, or will damage the cover itself. The club needs to take responsibility for their asset and keep it in top condition.

** This will differ from club to club and who the groundsman is employed by.

Please note: In all cases, it is the Club's responsibility to put covers on and take them off. It is not the responsibility of the groundsman to carry out this task. It is difficult for one person to remove covers, especially when covered in water, or place covers during windy periods. If covers are left on all day on the Friday, it will be the club who will face the consequences of an under prepared or unmarked pitch.

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